Angelo Libutti Skecthbook 2

Image of Angelo Libutti Skecthbook 2

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In this book: "Angelo Libutti Skechbook 2"

( 4.25 inc by 5.5 inc - cover 110 lb and the inside pages 32 lb)

You will find 28 color pages with my collection of best 33 caffe drawing I made in this past 3 years. Between my jobs in the feature film industry and the non stop traveling life. Starting from"Alvin" in Los Angeles, to "Heros vs Monsters" in Vancouver at Zondag studio, then "9" in Toronto at Starz and few of this drawings were made in the subway with my friend Bobby Chiu, and his team Kei Acedera and Thierry Lafontaine, then back to California on "Dorothy of Oz"& "Kung Fu Panda" in Los Angeles and Pasadena at Ken Duncan Studio,and finishing with "Escape from Planet Heath" at Rainmaker in Vancouver.

You will be able to find people and some animal drawing from the "Toronto Winter Fair" and other ones from the "Vancouver Zoo" when I was teaching at the Art Institute.